Easy Egg White Omélette!



Hail all the MicroNutrients!!! Can I really say it enough though? Not just how pretty they are but how they make your body feel from the inside out. Improves your skin, Mood, energy which bring you to balancing out your hormones, which is something else that I focus on.

On that Note.. today for breakfast I had a 6 egg white omelette with 5 Asparagus stalks, 1 orange pepper, 1 onion or half, and about 1/4 cup of spinach and I also sprinkled some Mrs Dash (Garlic and herb seasoning), I haven’t been Calculating my Macros lately so I am going to estimate this to be about.. 215 Calories ‘(12C/8gF/25gP).

19206421_10155694669425579_908666571_nThis Omelette was easy and delicious. Packed full of protein and vitamins.( Feta Cheese is completely optional) It took me a whole 5 mins to make.  Make sure to stayed tuned for lots more easy nutritious recipes.


xoxo- Allison


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