The benefits of eating berries everyday!

I have already wrote a post about oatmeal , and you guys know my obsession like hard… I eat Oat meal everyday! Now when you mix oatmeal and Berries a great thing happens!

Not Only do Berries aid in our health and help with digestion but they are AMAZING for your skin!

Boosts immunity
Aids digestion
Controls blood sugar levels
Fights UTIs
Boots Brain Power
Promotes a healthy heart
Keeps Vision Healthy
Reduces Belly Fat
Fights Cancer
Prevents Pre Mature Aging.
Prevents Acne
Improves Hair Growth.
When you mix Berries and some oatmeal together they are a powerhouse full of fuel and nutrients to your body! I love any kind of crisp, and it doesnt have to be smothered in butter or sugar to taste good either! Berries already give off a natural sweetness so just tweek the sweetness level for yourself.

I always add protein powder to my berry crisps or apple crips not only does it give it a little more flavor, but it helps hold everything together more and not to mention when you have the option to add some protein to your meals why not? Heres a very easy and quick recipie to make Protein Berry Crisp!

Recipie here:

1 scoop vanillia protein powder (I used whey you can use whatever.)

1 cup oats

1tsp cinnamon, flax seed, all spice.

1tbsp coconut oil.

2Tbsp splenda brown sugar.

1Tbsp sugar free syrup.

Layer bottom on round baking pan with frozen berries, add oat mixure ontop, bake at 325 degrees for 15 mins.

Lets all enjoy some berries because I enjoy you all berry much!!


2 thoughts on “The benefits of eating berries everyday!

  1. Oats are indeed an AMAZING power food, even though they’re often vilified by the anti carbohydrate (Even complex carbs) looneys that follow a few of those cultish diet plans. Fun fact; humans ddn’t even discover the value of oats until a few hundred years ago, as they were traditionall just used to horse feed. Samuel Johnson’ 1755 Dictionary of the English Language quotes about oats, “a grain in which in England is generally given to horses, but which Scotland supports the people.” (Source “Doctors Book of Food Remedies.”


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