Does anyone else get depressed when they can’t exercise?..

For some Exercising is a chore a job and, it is the most dreaded task of the day, but what some don’t realize is how much fitness is an anti-depressed and a mood enhancer. I don’t think I have ever herd anyone complain about their Endorphins being too high pumping through their body… On that note…

I am an incredibly busy mom of 2, I work in a nursing long term care home facility, and I am trying to start my own business on top of that… but Hello its summer time and my kids are home, its hot outside I want to relax I do fitness 10 out of 12 months throughout the year and I dedicate myself to it. Now fitness shouldn’t be something that people look at you and say..” oh she didn’t work out today” or that girl has flatter abs or bigger muscles then that girl does. Fitness is a lifestyle and it looks different on everyone.

I am usually a person who enjoys being on a routine, during school days, my kiddos will be on the bus by 8 so right after they get on the bus or I drive them to school, I am off to the gym! Every. Single. Day. Unless I or one of my kiddos are sick. What do I do every day at the gym you ask? Why do I go everyday or what am I training for?..

Well this Is How it usually goes. In the morning I will..

  • Get up Make Coffee (Always the first thing)
  • Make my kiddos lunches or food for the day.
  • Have Breakfast usually ( Protein Oatmeal or Waffle)
  • By 8:00 kids are at school.
  • I am usually at the gym for about at least an hour and a half to 2 hours.
  • Workouts differ everyday. But everyday I do at least 30 mins of cardio (Elliptical/Stairs/Bike)
  • Training includes: Abs/glutes/legs/arms/back/resistance training.
  • Post workout will include a high protein, I try to focus more on beans/ lentils/ kale/ sweet potato/ chic peas etc.

This whole morning routine usually takes me until 11:30/12:00

In the afternoon I work n client programs, prep meals for the following days, edit videos, etc.

So after all of this I am usually pooped! But here we are in July  and my kiddos have been out of school now for about a month and a half, and guess what guys I haven’t been to the GYM ONCE!! Not Once! Since my kids have been out of school. Now a lot of people will say,. have you gained back all your weight? Why not, you can’t do both? Insist that its your job?.. etc..

So do I feel guilty for not being to the gym in over a month? No because I go so hard 10 out of 12 months out of the year at the gym, and I want to spend more time with my kids during the summer! Do I miss the gym..? Oh goodness yes! Incorporating cardio outside and at home workouts have been my best friend these past few weeks. Also just playing with my kids outside keeps me super active.

Don’t get me wrong I cannot wait until my kids go back to school to go pump some iron! However having a little break from the gym isn’t always a bad thing. Some people get so caught up in the fitness lifestyle that they loose the importance of everything else. Yes its good to be healthy and to be physically fit. Lets not forget about mentally and emotionally spending time with our families.

Are there any other moms out there that are huge gym goers during the school year and take the summer off to conquer other goals and passions? Message me and let me know!- Allison May xoxo




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