How to Calculate Your Macros on Your Own! My new E-Book

I have Finally completed my new “How to calculate you’r Macros, On your Own!” E-book and it’s available for purchase on my page it is a PDF file and will be emailed upon purchase ! Everything that can get you started on your fitness journey! Check it out here Regular $10.00 for FREE!! Get your copy now!

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This eThis easy to follow, “How to Calculate your Macros on your Own E-book”, is the perfect guide to help you understanding how to start your fitness goals, live a healthier lifestyle, or just to be able to take control of your life with getting your Macro and Micro -Nutrients in tact! This E-book is a PDF file and it will be automatically emailed to you after purchase! Thanks again and happy tracking!





How to Grow your Instagram!

Instagram Growth!


When it comes to growing your Instagram account, there are actually specific strategies you can implement to help optimize your chances.

Follow this checklist for my top tips on growing your page with organic, engaged followers who will stick around for your content!



– If you go to people’s instagram pages who do very well, you’ll see a very consistent theme and can tell almost immediately upon clicking whether or not their content is going to be of interest to you.

– YOU want to do the same with your page.

– Figure out how you want to present your brand (which could be YOU as a person, or a company you own) and what type of message you want to send.

– Are you a quirky, nerdy type of chick who loves to read sci-fi, but also loves to power lift? Good. MAKE sure people know that, by posting photos and videos (we call this “CONTENT”) that represents that!



– Being the most visual platform out there, having at least semi-decent quality content is important. Now, you don’t need a fancy-schmancy expensive camera to do that. Usually, you can just use your smart phone which takes BOMB photos! Here is a great tutorial on taking photos with your iPhone.

– Your photos and videos being “better” isn’t just for vanity – it’s for EXPOSURE!

– Think about it – if something stands out in your feed, your eyes are more drawn to it, and your more likely to click on it, check out the persons page, read their awesome cap- tion, and click that awesome follow button. Amirite?

Photos of yourself if this is a personal page is imperative! People want to see more of YOU! You matter, your person- ality matters, and people DO want to see
it 🙂 Every human is different, and the only thing separating you from someone else in the world (and on the internet) is your own, beautiful personality.

Instagram Growth Checklist



– When it comes to an audience and working with a funny algorithm, posting consistency is imperative.

– Post being consistent might seem like a shouting match. HEY I’M POSTING SO OFTEN LOOK AT ME!! But in reality – it kind of IS like that. It might take more than once a week for someone to see you and press follow. If you’re posting once a day, that’s 7 chances a week for someone to potentially follow, like, comment, and truly ENGAGE with you. That’s 6 extra opportunities to connect to another human being. It shows your making an effort.

– Being Social Matters

HA it’s social media! Actually being social matters. Now that we have robots and technology to comment back for us (yes, that’s a thing) there is absolutely NOTHING that replaces a genuine interaction. That can turn a follower into a supporter, and heck – even a friend.

Someone whose a supporter or a friend is far more likely to engage with you (and in turn, help your social page flourish!)

– Comment to / comment back

Someone writes something on your post or asks a question? Spend the time to comment back.

Enjoy someone else content, posts, message? Comment to them and let them know!

If this is important to you (as in, you understand the power of having a strong presence on social media in this day and age) setting out some amount of time to respond back to the people who decided to be in your corner is imperative.

Instagram Growth Checklist



– Just because you made an Instagram, doesn’t mean everyone on your Facebook page is automatically going to follow you. No! You have to let them KNOW to go follow you!

– Getting people to GO do something (more than just press like) is a task that isn’t always easy. One way to make it easier, is to follow all of the other tips listed here to give them a great reason to go check out your page and STAY there. Because it’s awesome!

– Make sure that you tell your Instagram to follow you on YouTube, your snapchat followers to follow you on Instagram, your Facebook friends to go follow you on everywhere. Do this often – IT HELPS!

– Incentivizing people with something of value to get them to go do something is a great strategy to convert followers.

Free information
“See the whole video here” “Read the entire post here”

These are all great incentives that help guide people to go change apps and search for you!



– In a world full of people doing the same exact thing everywhere, do your best to be unique.

– There are so many bodies doing exercises in the fitness instagram world, finding a way to make YOURS different (better quality, added personality, more value, better angles, better explanation) will help you to stand out.

– Taking inspiration from others is
great – but finding something that truly makes you unique and stand out is my best advice of all.

Much Love Allison!xoxo

Donuts & Dumbbells.

My Donut and Dumbbells line! Its here!

Everyone head over to my instagram to check out my Healthy All Vegan Protein Donuts!

All of these donuts are Made with 100% Organic and Dairy Free Products and packed full of protein! I am going to be coming out with a Healthy Vegan Dessert e-book very soon so stay tuned!

dont forget to check it out @donutsanddumbbells19.


High Protein Packed Dessert Heaven!!(Vegan)

So ive been on this new.. Well I guess you can kind of call it an addiction.. I bake. Dirty. But Clean. 😉 I have subsituted all the naughty ingredients like (refine sugars, animal bi-products, fillers etc) with whole grain, organic, raw, no animal bi-products. 

I love discovering new ways I can create delicious sweet treats yet feel guilt free about them. 

I love making donuts,cookies, amd cakes. Follow me on my instagram @donutsanddumbells101 where I feature all of my yummy healthy treats.

This is a little sneak peak! (Protein Fudge Brownies with Vegan Cookie dough spread packed in between.)

Believe me its as good as it looks ;)!

The benefits of eating berries everyday!

I have already wrote a post about oatmeal , and you guys know my obsession like hard… I eat Oat meal everyday! Now when you mix oatmeal and Berries a great thing happens!

Not Only do Berries aid in our health and help with digestion but they are AMAZING for your skin!

Boosts immunity
Aids digestion
Controls blood sugar levels
Fights UTIs
Boots Brain Power
Promotes a healthy heart
Keeps Vision Healthy
Reduces Belly Fat
Fights Cancer
Prevents Pre Mature Aging.
Prevents Acne
Improves Hair Growth.
When you mix Berries and some oatmeal together they are a powerhouse full of fuel and nutrients to your body! I love any kind of crisp, and it doesnt have to be smothered in butter or sugar to taste good either! Berries already give off a natural sweetness so just tweek the sweetness level for yourself.

I always add protein powder to my berry crisps or apple crips not only does it give it a little more flavor, but it helps hold everything together more and not to mention when you have the option to add some protein to your meals why not? Heres a very easy and quick recipie to make Protein Berry Crisp!

Recipie here:

1 scoop vanillia protein powder (I used whey you can use whatever.)

1 cup oats

1tsp cinnamon, flax seed, all spice.

1tbsp coconut oil.

2Tbsp splenda brown sugar.

1Tbsp sugar free syrup.

Layer bottom on round baking pan with frozen berries, add oat mixure ontop, bake at 325 degrees for 15 mins.

Lets all enjoy some berries because I enjoy you all berry much!!